The difference is in the Smile

You see, we think happiness can be found in small, everyday pleasures. Like the one you feel with the very first bite of your favorite snack, when you close your eyes and you exclaim “Mmmm!” with satisfaction. Without any doubt, all these little but frequent smiles are important to your life.

Health comes first

We all know that our daily diet is the key factor in maintaining health and well-being. It is necessary to have the right and quality energy. That is why we relied on the super food called Sesame. And in Oven Sesame, it’s never enough. See how beneficial  sesame is […]

How many times have you lost your smile because you gave in to desire and ate something you really like? Well, keep smiling: Our dough contains no oil, no milk, no eggs and no additives and preservatives. Now, you can enjoy your SouKou without regret or guilt. Finish with a SouSweet and the smile will last longer! “Keep it light, keep the delight”.

And Quality follows

Our products are baked daily. But even at the very last moment that your favourite choice is handed to you, it will be baked again for two more minutes to activate all the important properties of sesame. This makes your snack more crispy and beneficial.

Meanwhile, the fresh ingredients we have just been added let their fragrances emerge as soon as they are in the hot, freshly baked dough. Our chefs, have chosen flavors and aromas that emerge from the sesame itself which surrounds them.

“Baked just for you”

Last but not least, Variety

Flavours and aromas for all tastes: vegetarian, vegan and meat lovers. Everyone will find what he likes. SouKou, SouPie, SouSide and in the end SouSweet. This way you can have a simple snack, a breakfast, or a complete meal and dessert. And you can enjoy it at home, in the office, during your walk or shopping.

“Make it a meal”