We are Oven Sesame and we redefine Street Food! We make it synonymous to Health Food and Power Food. We turn a taste as traditional as the sesame bagel (“koulouri” in Greek) into something trendy and fashionable and we skyrocket it.

Come and try something different!

Whispering the magic words of the oriental fairy tale, you discover a real treasure: flavors drowned in sesame, made with imagination, for snacks, breakfast or lunch, even dinner. Be it a sandwich, a pie, or sometimes a sweet temptation,  Oven Sesame will remind you that “Street Food is not necessarily junk food, tradition can be fashionable and there can be delight without guilt”.


Sandwich Redefined

Our home made smiling sesame bread, Baked on the spot and filled with the freshest and finest ingredients, satisfying all tastes from vegans to meat lovers. The perfect treat for a healthy, balanced and Yummy meal

So good for you

Homemade hand crafted crispy sesame Pies, baked on the spot and filled with the finest ingredients. The fresh and healthy Breakfast in town.

Start your day with a smile!

“Make It A Meal”

Fresh personal salads, cut and prepared on the spot for extra freshness, crispy textures and nutritive values

“Top It With a Smile”

Three choices to add a sweet, sesame smile, making delight to last longer.

“Tasting nature with ice”

A variety of Natural fruits juices, cut and pressed on the spot for extra freshness and nutritive values “Tasting nature as never before”